Let’s Get Kentucky Wired
High speed broadband internet in every Kentucky community

What Is Kentucky Wired?

KentuckyWired is the statewide network of fiber optic lines that will carry high-speed broadband into specified locations in every single county in order to serve government locations. In addition, KentuckyWired will be unique in allowing “open access” to the network, so local private or public service providers can tap into this new broadband network at much lower costs than previously possible. Local providers can connect their equipment to KentuckyWired to expand and extend their local services to individual homes and businesses, growing their customer base to the “last mile.”

CNX has been contracted by the Commonwealth to serve the needs of local communities and service providers that wish to plan and prepare for how they will best be able to take advantage of this new KentuckyWired resource as it becomes available.

CNX uses a common-sense phased approach to community broadband planning that removes the mystery and unknowns surrounding local broadband expansion. CNX brings local leaders and key stakeholders together with interested broadband service providers to create smart technical and financial plans that make sense and lead to the construction and operation of new services throughout our communities.

See the PDF version of the SKY FM Final Plan here.


Broadband Experts Since 2001

CNX is made for this. With Kentucky staff strategically distributed across every region of the commonwealth, CNX is a company that has largely been built by Kentuckians working creatively to solve broadband challenges in communities across the nation for the past 15 years. Our corporate roots run deep in Kentucky. As a spin-off of the internationally acclaimed non-profit, Connected Nation – our company was cultivated with a heritage of community broadband planning success and for the purpose of dealing with the technical challenges that must be overcome in order to expand broadband access for the good of all.

CNX Planning Process

Full service broadband solutions for Kentucky communities

technical feasibility analysis
financial modeling and costing of multiple options
network mapping
community/stakeholder engagement
public-private partnership

business planning
engineering design

field engineering
network construction services

Private provider support
Public-private management resources
Operations and maintenance resources
Marketing and customer services


Our simple, step-wise model cuts through the technical jargon and outlines a clear path for understanding how to make the KentuckyWired opportunity work for your community. Our full solutions team will walk right along with you to plug your community into the KentuckyWired network – from concept, to plan, to construction, to operations.


Last mile networks have large costs. Each step in our planning process puts you in control of making informed investments for your community’s future. Through regular work with your local planning team and concluding each step with a formal briefing, you will always be informed and in control of the process.


KentuckyWired is a generational opportunity for Kentucky communities, but it’s also very complex. To identify your solution that fits your community, you need the experience and a lasting relationship with a trusted advisor. CNX is your full service solution, now approved by the Commonwealth to simply get started with you today! CNX Master Services Agreement (available upon request).

Stay informed

News & Events

Aug 25, 2017, Congressman Harold Rogers speaks on KentuckyWired Project

Aug 17, 2017, Congressman Rogers Discusses Job Creation, Broadband in Whitley and Knox Counties

Aug 7, 2017, Broadband, Industrial Prospects Discussed at SOAR Summit

Nov 22, 2016, Press Release: Kentucky County Leaders and CNX unveil SKY FM Broadband Fiber Plan

Nov 21, 2016, PDF Version: Southeastern Kentucky Final Mile (SKY FM) Final Plan

Nov 15, 2016, Mason County establishes task force to consider last mile planning

Oct 7, 2016, The Center for Rural Development leading broadband effort

Sept 20, 2016, Kentucky’s Statewide Broadband Network moves forward with build-out

Sept 17, 2016, Governor Bevin says funds are available to finish broadband network

Sept 16, 2016, VIDEO: Short recap of the Bevin Administration’s KentuckyWired Press Conference

Sept 16, 2016, Press Release: KentuckyWired Statewide Broadband Network Initiative moving forward in Eastern KY and beyond

Aug 1, 2016, New Gigabit internet service comes to Hazard

Aug 1, 2016, KentuckyWired running behind schedule, now projected to be completed in 2019

June 6, 2016, High-speed Internet project would help efforts to boost Eastern KY economy, officials say

June 3, 2016, Kentucky enters broadband construction agreement with Cincinnati Bell

March 14, 2016, Big Sandy Community and Technical College launches broadband technology program

March 4, 2016, The Morehead News: Fiber still coming to Kentucky despite funding shortfall

Feb 2, 2016, Herald Leader, Broadband expansion critical to Ky.

Jan 2016, Kentucky Living, KentuckyWired: Innovative project bringing high-speed Internet access to every county in the state

Jan 6, 2016, Press Release: CNX Awarded Fiber Broadband Development Contract for Warren County, KY

Jan 2, 2016, BG Daily News, Fiscal Court prepares for 2016: Will focus on expanding broadband access, workforce

Jan 2016, Four Rivers Business Journal, Plan now for how to utilize broadband (page 6)

Dec 4, 2015 Lane Report online edition, KentuckyWired wins national ‘Deal of the Year’ award

Nov 24, 2015 Press Release: CNX Awarded Statewide Broadband Contract in KY


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Terms & FAQ

Broadband: High-speed Internet that connects you to the world. Broadband is like a 12-lane highway that can carry limitless numbers of vehicles at very high speeds.

Internet Service Provider (ISP): one of any number of existing or future businesses which provide Internet access to individual homes or businesses. These may include familiar names such as AT&T or Windstream, or small local groups such as county Plant Boards. These businesses are responsible for carrying the broadband Internet signal from the KentuckyWired “hub” in each county to customer homes. If KentuckyWired could be considered an interstate highway, ISPs are responsible for constructing the local access roads to carry the Internet into private homes and businesses.

Middle Mile: The “backbone” network that carries broadband Internet signal throughout the state. Like an interstate highway, it is expansive and has high capacity. The KentuckyWired network will reach into every single Kentucky county, allowing ISPs to lease fiber access for Internet delivery to homes and businesses in every corner of the state. The middle mile does not deliver Internet directly to homes and businesses. That also means that KentuckyWired will not sell Internet service directly to individuals or businesses; that is the service ISPs provide.

Last Mile: The connectivity between a private residence or business to the main broadband “pipeline”. KentuckyWired will provide broadband access to a designated location in each county, such as an educational facility or government building. The collection of wired pathways from that access point to a community’s individual homes and businesses is the “last mile”. Local communities and ISPs are responsible for building out the “last mile” technology to deliver the broadband capability provided by KentuckyWired.

Fiber-Ready Community: Communities need to plan now for last mile service. This can be done in conjunction with existing ISPs, telcos, plant boards, new providers or others. CNX is ready and available to assist.CNX utilizes best practices for planning last mile service, including the engagement of stakeholders and maximizing existing construction opportunities.

Open-access network: KentuckyWired is an open-access system. This means that any business (ISP) that wishes to lease fiber access from the KentuckyWired broadband pipeline may do so. More than one Internet service provider may offer Internet services in a given community or county. KentuckyWired will offer the same wholesale price to providers in a given region, which should encourage competition and drive down costs.

Wholesale: KentuckyWired will lease access to excess fiber capacity. This means KentuckyWired will offer access at a standard price to ISPs, which then deliver Internet to individual homes and businesses. These ISPs may be businesses which already exist, such as local cable companies or telcos, or may include new entrepreneurs joining the market. Regardless of the number of ISPs in a given area, KentuckyWired will charge each of them the same amount for fiber access. KentuckyWired will not provide Internet directly to consumers.

Megabit: Internet speeds are measured in terms of the amount of information per second. Speeds are measured in Megabits per second (Mbps). Currently, Kentucky’s average peak statewide speed is 35.7 Mbps, which is dead last in the U.S. and also lags far behind most other countries. For comparison, Washington, DC boasts the fastest average speed in the U.S. at 72.7 Mbps – twice as fast as Kentucky.

Kilobit: Several communities across the commonwealth still have broadband service at speeds of 256 Kilobits (Kbps) per second. One megabit per second is a unit of data transfer rate equal to 1,000 (Kbps).

Gigabit: A Gigabit per second speed (Gbps) is 1,000 times faster than a Megabit per second (Mbps). When complete, KentuckyWired will be able to provide speeds up to 100 Gigabits per second (100 Gbps) which is 100,000 times faster than a Mbps. Kentucky’s average statewide speed is 35.7 Mbps – that’s 0.000357% of the speed of 100 Gbps.

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